unfortunately i’m a romantic who panics at getting closer
the doors are now opening to reign in Love
pulled together from twin flames separated
electric and kinetic energies

effulgent and refuge for refusal
no more unrequited sentiment
shit on the pot and mean it
maybe you don’t have a pot to piss in

nor a window to throw it out of
but the doors are now opening to reign in Love
taking the crude and crass and revealing cores
breaking glass walls of transparent longing

fortune and fame is already weary
fear takes it’s final shot
repeated - shit on the pot and mean it
open yourself to universal meaning

you contain all the love you wish to give and receive through your being.

trust (#gettingplayed?)

Frustrating lines of trust and reason
To believe someone at their first word
Deferred from their history, what is the meaning
Of the truth from someone you never fully trusted?
Concave circles and quadratic equations
Just to get to the heart of the matter
Factoring in your own insecurities
And the past chains locked in place
Stand still while standstills block you from moving forward
On the long winding journey you must take
Awakenings are on the horizon
Let your longing be the catalyst for your eternal freedom